Sql Bits 2024

Posted by John Q. Martin on Sun, Feb 25, 2024

SQL Bits 2024 - March 22nd, Farnborough, UK

I’m going to be presenting my session “The Swiss Cheese Security Pattern” on the Friday at SQL Bits in Farnborough at 13:40 in Room 9. This session will look at how to create a security strategy for the real world. We will start by covering the mindsets to adopt and some of the important elements to consider when building a security strategy. Then explore the detail of how to build a strategy using a risk-based technique, before looking at how that would then apply to a common technical scenario.

If you’re interested in this session and lots of other great content then there are still tickets available for the conference and you can find more information about attending the event here.

Event Session Materials

Slide deck PDF is available in my GitHub Repository.

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